All you need to know about Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)

This is a comprehensive system controlled by the government for safe management of hazardous chemicals and which is legislatures under the federal and territorial jurisdictions. This is a program laid down by the government to ensure streamlining of the labor, and industry department and ensures functionality is achieved. To get more info, visit Online WHMIS. WHMIS is intended to be all inclusive and which can be accessed by all workers. 

It allows the workers to obtain safety and health information that pertains to hazardous products being used in the work places. It gives the workers the right to be informed about the products and the kind of effects that associated with them. This also involves the information on how to avoid and reduce exposure and the necessary precautions to prevent outcomes that may be adverse.
The main goal of WHMIS is to reduce injuries and diseases got from hazardous products by communicating specific safety and health information on the products in the workplace to the workers. There are also awareness, education and training programs that employers are required to educate and also train workers on how they can safely handle and work with hazardous products they come in contact at the workplace. 

This also involves safe work procedures that every worker must adhere to. The employees are required to access and understand the standard procedures that should be followed. Learn  what is whmis training. The training is mostly required for the workers who are somewhat at the risk of being exposed to hazardous products when executing their work.

WHMIS also includes Safety Data Sheets (SDs) that provide detailed information on the hazard as well as the precautionary information for the products. The information provided by these systems entails a classification of the products into two, and that is, physical hazards and health hazards. The information is also put into simple picture diagrams that can easily be read, analyzed and the meaning understood by the workers. 

There are also WHMIS labels that are meant to notify and alert the workers on the identity of the products, the associated hazards, the precautionary measures that needs to be taken by the handlers of the products.

The WHMIS training that is being offered by the employer is a powerful tool that needs to be utilized to the fullest. This is not only important for the employee who come in contact with the hazardous products but also the overall management team as they all risk the exposure in one way or the other.Learn more from